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Shree Leuva Patidar Daliya Gnyati Samast Panch

In the year 1875 SHRIMANT SAYAJIRAO GAEKWAD III was coronated as the Ruler of Baroda State. During his reign businesses and professions’ flourished because of States’ inspiration. In 1892, Patidaar (Patel) Families who were basically agriculturist started farming of daangar (RICE) and daal (PULSES). Daal producing Patidaars got into the business of daal and started setting up of Daal Mills (factories). Later, Patidaars who were into Daal businesses were known as Daal-Millers. By the passing of time, Patidaars doing Daal businesses came to be known as DALIA.

From 1989-90 to 2020-21 (i.e.31 years)

Both Trust Balance Sheet is as follows:

Shree Leuva Patidar Dalia Gnati Samast Panch Shree Abhyuday Vidhyarthi Sahayak Trust
1989-1990 8,60,448/- 1,80,796/-
2009-2010 78,26,342/- 29,63,975/-
2010-2011 1,32,22,456/- 33,09,398/-
2013-2014 1,65,59,732/- 45,33,162/-
2019-2020 2,41,13,424/- 75,63,211/-
2020-2021 2,37,03,324/- 79,13,624/-

This all with the helping hands of every body i.e. Gnati Fellows, Committee Members.

Hope such support & inspiration every time in coming programmes of the Trust

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